General Information




Conference Registration / Hospitality Desk

Registration desks will located at the Conference level


Conference Kit and Name Tag


Upon registration you will receive your conference kit containing the printed material of the conference, name tag and voucher(s) for lunch. Please wear your name tag to all sessions and social events.


Exhibition Hours


All participants are invited to view the exhibition on February 5-6, 2015


Airport Information


Ben Gurion International Airport is the main international gateway to and from Israel. It is situated approximately 25km (16 miles) south-east of Tel Aviv.


Transportation to Tel Aviv by Bus


Upon exit from arrivals, exit the terminal; cross over the road for bus number 5 which serves as a transport line from Ben Gurion International Airport to Tel Aviv. The price today is 6.90 NIS (1.80 USD). 


Note: Buses do not run on Saturday (Shabbat) – from half hour before sunset on Friday till one hour after sunset on Saturday.


Transportation to Tel Aviv by Private Taxi


The Taxi Stations and dispatcher’s counter at Terminal 3 are located on Level G of the Multi Level Road.

Cost is between 130-170 NIS (34-45 USD) at the time of printing.

It is recommended not to use random Taxi services.

Rate 2 (25% extra) will apply in the following cases:

Night journeys between 21:00 and 05:59 hours the next day.

An additional 5 NIS will be applicable for each piece of luggage.